Video of the Week

I’m doing a distance-learning course for my day job this week, but that means I’m away from my gym. On top of that I’m nursing a shoulder injury. I thought I’d try out one of Sara Solomon’s workouts since she works out from home, and decided to dust off my jump rope for some HIIT. Read More


Muscle Camp with Dana Linn Bailey

I don’t even know how to start this post. I’m still processing all the events of yesterdays’ “Muscle Camp” seminar. This was my first time embedding myself in the bodybuilding world IRL. I had a blasty-blast. Highlights for the day: Getting to know Ashley Z, an awesome chicky who will be stepping on stage for Read More


Sara Solomon

I hadn’t even heard of Sara Solomon until just now when I saw her featured on Her story really resonates with me (an upbringing that shunned exercise or sports, dalliances with obsessive eating) plus she totally cosplayed Lara Croft and Wonder Woman in her fitness routines so I get the feeling we could be Read More

Video of the Week

A hat-tip to the gymnastics subreddit for this video. This routine had me so excited I was cheering out loud at the end of it.


Sometimes I Spin Out

I don’t know what starts it. Is it one bad choice that leads to another? Is it hormonal, physical, psychological? I had a cold last week so that could have been a factor, but I also had plenty of delicious healthful food ready-to-go. Nonetheless I found myself standing at the kitchen counter and KNOWING that Read More

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