Video of the Week

A hat-tip to the gymnastics subreddit for this video. This routine had me so excited I was cheering out loud at the end of it.


Sometimes I Spin Out

I don’t know what starts it. Is it one bad choice that leads to another? Is it hormonal, physical, psychological? I had a cold last week so that could have been a factor, but I also had plenty of delicious healthful food ready-to-go. Nonetheless I found myself standing at the kitchen counter and KNOWING that I should be heating up some veggies and sausage, but instead I said “fuck it” and grabbed...


Welcome to 2014

Alright, I’m here to check in with a recap of my holidays and how my weight loss adventure is going so far in 2014. Just before the holidays I finally tipped the scales below 190 and was seeing my weight at 187-189 pounds. Yay! Then Christmas happened. But really it wasn’t that bad. My next official weigh-in at SFL put me at 191 pounds. It was slow getting back into the clean-eating...


Black Friday Deals for Fit Women

I think I need to just stay off the internet for the next week. I just replaced the tires on my car and I am FLAT BROKE until next week. Of course that doesn’t stop me from scouring all my favorite sites to see what kind of Black Friday deals are being offered. All I can do is very STRONGLY hint to my fiance that I would OH SO MUCH love a...